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Is their any new graphic engine to next gen consoles?

Last response: in Video Games
June 14, 2012 6:39:59 PM

hello im looking fro ans answer on the question if thier r new graphic engine like unreal 4 to the next gen consoles. is their cryengine 4 maybe in the making ( also i have not found any article on that) or maybe other graphic engine/
June 15, 2012 7:33:18 PM

No, CryEngine is NOT in the making. Three is still being developed (for Crysis 3 OFC)

Unreal Engine of COOOURSE will be on Consoles, now the thing is... it'll be dumbed down for the consoles. Have you seen the pics or that YouTube video of UnrealEngine4? God, amazing.

A console will ONLY be capable of running those kinds of textures if the unit itself cost a bulky 600-800$. I actually wouldn't dought that might just be the price...

But yea, there is much flames and interest in the Unreal Engine, epic REALLY did it this time... amazing, could re-define gaming.

June 18, 2012 12:57:23 PM

^ thats what i thought
i was prepared to go all out rage pirate if unreal tournament 4 for pc is just a shitty console port
but then i remembered that the 720 and ps4 are going to have to cost alot in order to even hope of seeing the ue4 engine in all its glory so most likely the pc version will be awesome
ofc ragepirate is still in effect if they do not have a tournament like with ut3 U.U
them flags? well they are now generators they still look like flags but steal enough of them and the enemys respawners will shut down
yay! quite obviously the thing that keeps you alive is going to be easy to carry so it can be stolen

nah im joking about ragepirate i love epic too much (one must fall 2097 :D ?)