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I am looking to buy a CPU to run iracing/rfactor. I want it to be able to run 3 screens. I will also be playing some BF3 on it and some video editing from a GOPRO camera. I am not against building one but every time I put together all the parts and add up the price the cost is just not that great. The difference is so little that I would go ahead and let someone put it together and ship it to me. Here is the CPU that I have picked....

Keep in mind that price includes a monitor..

That is a little over what I wanted to spend ($1400) so is there some changes that I can get away with making to make it cheaper? Can I choose a cheaper processor and or cheaper GPU and still run these things really well? Maybe someone knows a cheaper site? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Well right now I'm on a quad core with a ati radeon 5670. I run rFactor just fine. high settings and everything. And the 3 monitors have to do with the Graphics Card. And I would UPGRADE the power supply if I were you. Just to be safe.
  2. To run BF3 on 3 screens you want the best graphics card you can afford, consider this $1000 build with a i5 2500K or 3570K and a GTX 670,3210.html
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