What to look for in a case fan?

I have a standard ATX case with fan mounts in the front and back. I'd like to put some fans in them. :)

What would be an "acceptable" level of noise and CFM? Anything else I should consider? I'm mostly doing this with spare change, so I'm looking for base-level generic stuff. I don't have the funds or inclination to get those uber fans that have their own CPUs and stuff. :)

A few tips would be helpful, TIA.
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  1. Your basically looking for maximum blow or cooling and minimum noise or power consumption. Usually the more blow the more noise. I'd rather use 2 quiet fans than 1 noisy one. Keeping the flow of air constant and without pockets of hot air is the best way.

    <A HREF="http://www.quietpc.com/" target="_new">Here</A> is the site of the fans I use.

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  2. Its those snap in mounts that give me the most noise - an irritating vibration that comes and goes. I've used gum, felt, paper to stop it...

    Even if ya have mountin places, mount it firmly. For snap in's neatly drill holes also. Using plastic/fiber washers with nut stays quiter than self threaders. Firm/solid mountings really help...
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