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I would like to try something new, connecting 2 sets of keyboard+mouse and using them on the same computer as different sets.
I have a pretty strong PC which can hold a few operating system at the same time (using virtual OS programs), and sometimes I want to play with a friend on the same PC, but with a different set for each one.
I was thinking that if I could attach one set to the virtual OS and one to the host OS that could work, but I can't figure out how to do that yet.. so I came here for some help (:
Currently there are 2 sets connected but they work like they're one, on the same cursor and the same keyboard input..
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  1. wont work im afraid. the keyboard will accept input from both but they will control only the first character unless the game allows you to choose a second keyboard. i dont think there is 1 though...
  2. Is there a way to use 2 operating systems on the same PC and to configure that each one will have it's own keyboard+mouse set?
  3. i dont think you can m8 the mouse and keyboard would need to be selected as primary and secondary inputs and i dont think windows allows that linux might but windows i dont think so... it just sees em and uses them regardless...
  4. Hey!
    I made it (:
    Using Oracle VM VirtualBox I created a new OS and put it on the 2nd screen, then assigned one of the keyboards and one of the mice to it and voila!
    Thanks anyways (:
  5. wow . thats great m8.. i would never have guessed you could do that... well done!!!...
    seriously well done....
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