Question about Xbox 360 and emulator(s).

I have a few, relatively short questions about Xbox 360 emulators.
First off, I called MS the other day and he mentioned THEY have emulators on their PCs, so... they DO exist and must be possible.

Is there one in existence the public consumer can gain access too? (NOT from Microsoft.)

If one can be made, why not? I know my GTX 680 will take four shits on a Xbox...

Most people say no one bothers making a emulator because the Xbox is "too powerful" for a PC... NO! It's only a puny tri-core, @ 3.3GHz, the sad thing is it's hecka OC'ed and that's why it's so hot.

I'm sure 8.5/10 gaming PCs can handle it, someone neeeeeds to pump out a tasty emulator.

Lastly, when do you feel an emulator could be released?
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  1. Emulator's would warrant a ROM, therefore they don't release because of such things because it (ROM's) could be illegally downloaded. It's fine if you own the game, but a majority will take advantage of it.

    Also, the only advantage of having an emulator for the console systems is backwards compatibility. They did it for the PS3 for PS2 games. But not for PC.
  2. There is emulators for PC that allow yuou to play ROMs and ISOs for i.e. the wii (iso based...)

    The Xbox is iso based.
  3. Most PCs are more powerful than a 360; however the Playstation 2 is very old and slow comparatively (it runs at 300mhz), and it still needs a powerful PC (3.5ghz to 4.5ghz) to emulate it (as does the N64 and WII etc). Recreating hardware functions in software and interpreting is what sucks up so much power.

    Not even the fastest 12-core processor would be powerful enough to recreate 360 hardware in software. I wouldn't expect an emu for it for another decade.

    MS may have been talking about a development kit - software studios develop 360 games using special hardware that isn't available outside of their dev kits.
  4. I'm sure 8.5/10 gaming PCs can handle it
    there is lot....... here.......... sadly icant access SURVEYS if you get PASSWORD for this emulator 2.0 please send it to me :
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