Need a DECENT place to get Themes for Win7

Was looking around last night for some different Themes for my Windows 7 machine…

Of course when you do searches for them a million links popup… most look shady but some look legit. Well the few “legit” looking one’s that I attempted to get started throwing up viruses which were caught by Cloud.

So, other than the crappy one’s from the actual Windows site… are there any good places to get some nice themes from?

Thanks all!
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  1. create your own!
  2. yeah i guess i could go that way... but i need some screen savers too, which also go to these same crappy virus infected sites.
  3. I agree with area51reopened, and you might as well build your own. When I built my new rig, I found a great website with some beautiful photos. I ended up using the basic Windows theme sounds, but the desktop background shuffles between all of the pics that I downloaded from the website.
  4. thats the same site i use brandoncatz,aren't the photos awesome!plus 1 for that site!
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    thats the same site i use brandoncatz,aren't the photos awesome!plus 1 for that site!

    Best site that I've found, by far! (semi)professional photos at nearly every resolution that you could want. For those that aren't in to nature pics, might not be their bag, but I check back once every couple of weeks and grab my faves from the 10-20 new ones that are up. It's all aesthetic, but that and the HD icons really make a big difference, since going from an old system with a 17" monitor to a new custom machine and 23" monitor with 1080p.

    Also, in regards to screen savers, I use the same pics for my screen saver. Every 10 seconds or so it changes to one of the 50 or 60 pics I have in my folder.
  6. Hi integraoligist,

    You can always download themes right from Microsoft as well -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  7. the Windows site has the same one's on there for the past year... at least. The site has some good wallpaper... Thanks!

    Trying to "make my own" theme by trying to find some good quality screensavers, but again, not to many legit sites out there.

    Any links?
  8. Sorry, I'm not familiar with any legit sites for screen savers. Most cost a bundle or have viruses, so I tend to stay away.
  9. Found this site for desktop artwork. Loads to go through
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