Is this a good PC?

Hey I was looking at this computer and I'm not all that good with components and and all that so I would like your opinions!

Will this computer run games on highest settings, or no?

I know people always say "Build your own computer", but I'm really not great with that kind of stuff.

Any help is appreciated :D
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  1. Hi :)

    Good machine, not good graphics card....

    So no to games highest settings...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. I would get a different graphics card, you could get a second 7770 and crossfire x
  3. Thanks for the help, guys.

    I'll have to look into it some more.

    Do you guys have any brand suggetions? I know Alienware is pretty good but overpriced?

    I was looking into both desktops and laptops. I'll be going to university after next year and I will need a laptop, but I'm not sure if I want to just buy a good laptop that can play games or buy a good desktop and a very low-end netbook for note taking. I know the Alienware M17x is good, but a bit heavy as well.
  4. Wow, that looks really good.
    I will definitely take a closer look at this.
    Thanks! :D
  5. It is a sweet 3.4 ghz caomputer with a 7870 graphics card, I would get it it will fit all your needs for years!!
  6. ^ this
  7. Build your own.
    I5 2500k based with a ssd, large storage drive, and a gtx 670
    For the price you are paying for a pre built you could build a badass machine.
    Dont get intimidated just research it and build your own you could save hundreds
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