How high should i increase CPU voltage??

how do i know when i should increase my cpu voltage? i have an aopen ak73-proa which is 1.750v default and goes from 1.1v to 1.85v in 0.025v increments. how will increasing or decreasing positively or adversely affect my system? i have a 1.33 ahaja-y tbird i want to overclock. the system temp is 38c and the cpu temp is 48c, which is pretty warm at rest. it is in a very warm room though. i have a mellenium glaciator and 2 case fans.

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  1. wow you must be in a warm room if the system temp is 38C.
    Im currently runing my axia 1 gig at 1400, had to up the voltage to 2V though (by modding the board) what is your temp like under load? how warm is the room? 38 is dam hot.
    I would try and overclock, if you cant get stable, then its time to up the voltage, but keep an eye on your temps- higher speed=more heat, and also higher volts=more heat.
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  2. yeah, that room is hotter than hell during the day. i noticed though, that under full load, my cpu temp only goes up 2-3c. so i think thats ok.... i should post on a "room cooling" forum. : ) anyway, what symptoms would indicate that i need to increase or decrease core voltage? i dont want to do it without reason. oh, cool site... i checked it out.

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  3. if you are getting unstable (random lockups that wernt there before, blue screens etc) then its time to up the voltage a bit, although odd as it may sound, when mine was air cooled, it actually ran better at 1.7v for some odd reason.
    Im glad you like the site, I just need more stuff on there now :)

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  4. umm... if your cpu temp is under 50C over clocked your damn good. here is my system:

    abit VH6-II
    Celery 700 overclocked to 987mhz
    front side bus: 94mhz (multiplier 10.5)
    voltage: 1.80 (in .05 increments)
    192 mb pc100 ram.
    idle temp (all windows power options turned to 'never') 30 deg. C
    idle temp (home/office/desk/ power option) 28 deg C
    loaded temp (unreal tournament played for 30 minutes) 41 deg C
    cpu temp on default clock settings (loaded temp) 39 deg C
    sytem temp = 32 deg C average.
    total fans = 6 (2 case fans - oversized cpu heatsink with dual fans - chipset fan - vid card fan)

    i would overclock to 95 mhz... but it was unstable at that speed.

    generally the reason for increasing the voltage is because as your system clock increases your cpu is a little more power hungry... it needs the extra voltage to complete the clock cycle... essentially an overclocked processor is anorexic if you don't increase the voltage to stable the system.

    as all of our houses are different temps you can't rely on a cool room all the time... make sure you have adequate cooling in your case and you will be ok... (a processor can heat 80 liters of water in a water cooling solution... i doubt a warm room is going to raise that much of a difference unless you keep your case parked in front of a picture window with the shades open)

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  5. Befor I went watercooled my 1 gig athlon overclocked never got higher than 50 under load, wneh I had that dum delta on it it never got higher than about 42 or so, its now watercooled and runs at about 36-38C details <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>

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