Asus vh236h hdvp handshake problem?

I know this site is mostly for computer support, but I have a problem when I'm Playing my Xbox 360 through hdmi to my monitor. It is connected through hdmi and I have it set to 1080p (native) and that edid is enabled. Randomly while I'm usin the system, the screen will go black and audio is lost, almost as if the cable had been removed and plugged back in. After about 3 seconds, everything is back to normal.

I also have it connected to my computer through dvi. The monitor never goes black with the computer.

I've tried two different hdmi cables, both bought cheap off amazon and one has gone to the point where it will not work with the monitor. They both have given me this problem. I have already ordered a more durable cable on amazon.

I feel that it is an hdmi cable issue rather than the monitor, mostly because I don't want to have to get it replaced. After doing some research I found that it is probably a hdcp handshake issue and I was wondering if anybody knew what else I could do to fix this. Thanks!
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  1. Anyone?

    I found out that the problem is occurring while my computer is turned on and running at the same time. Is there any way to have both devices running and be connected to the monitor without having this issue on the xbox?
  2. Xbox does not use HDCP, ps3 does. Why do you have it hooked up to 2 monitors at the same time? That could be part of the problem.
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