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OC P3 700E

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August 23, 2001 10:09:24 PM

My brother may be upgrading his comp soon which means I get to play around with his old stuff. I have always wanted to see how fast we could get his P3 700E, but he didn't want to risk screwing up his system. From what I have heard, the coppermine 700E almost always works at 133FSB = 933MHz. Because of this, I equipped it with PC133 RAM and a big VOS32 globalwin dual fan HS (w/arcticsilver).

If you have had experience with this setup, please tell me how confident I should be about cranking it up. Right now my bro has it running 805MHz.

P3 700E slot coppermine
Soyo 6VBA133 mobo
256meg PC133
Guillemot Xentor16 TNT2

"Water-Cooled CPU Runner"

More about : 700e

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August 24, 2001 4:43:59 AM

I've hit well over a GHz with mine. You do know that it's more stable at 933 than at 805MHz don't you? That's do to the return to standard PCI and AGP clocks at 133.
YOu may have to raise the core voltage to get it to run at 933. I recommend 1.75v by default, saves screwing around with voltage.
Once you varify that it will run at 133FSB, you can make it PERMANENT if you like by breaking off pin BSEL1.

You can make the 1.65v version PERMANENT at 1.75v by hotwiring Vid3 to VSS and breaking off Vid1 and Vid2.

You can make the 1.70v version PERMANENT at 1.75v by breaking off Vid0.

I mention the permanent solutions because they allow you to use that setting on an OEM motherboard, allowing you to use the processor in another system should he get a 1GHz processor for himself later on.

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