Is dual core better than core 2 duo

Hello,which nvidia card is suitable for core i3
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  1. GT550 ti or GTX560.
  2. core 2 duo is dual core.
  3. depends what you can afford
  4. it depends. intel dual cores range from pentium d's to the current pentium g630...
    core 2 duo is slightly different architecture and in most cases is better but the g630 is a good dual that will out perform many core 2 duo's due to being smaller, more transistors and more cache.
    but to be honest both are dead ends as far as gaming goes... most high end new titles need a tri core minimum and next year a quad will likely be the minimum or most high profile games.
    the reason intel still produces them is there cheap and not entirely useless. after all you dont need a 4.5ghz quad to surf the web and write an email...
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