Battlefield3 mouse & resolution problem

I have a problem with battlefield3 my mouse not working during menu of the game i have to hit start button for clicking any tab of the game ,and also game run out of screen on system's native resolution all the hints during the game hide at on corner of the screen which have to be shown in the middle of the screen
pls help me
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  1. try unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in on the menu screen.. if this works its a driver problem if not then its a hardware compatability problem likey 2 devices arguing over who has priority...
    what other usb devices do you have. in fact what do you have...
  2. Hi :)

    Do NOT unplug the mouse if its PS2....not with the machine running....

    All the best Brett :)
  3. +1 that...
  4. Im using a laptop, it a problem in game in game time the mouse run perfectly but during in game menu it didn't work. the game run out of focus hardware is compatible to it as game run with a playable speed but guide lines like direction arrow shows at a corner of it. When i run it at window mode the game run in focus, it means the problem is in the game,
    Any suggestion........
  5. then its likely the touch pad if the lappy has 1. sometimes they will conflict with the mice so see if you can disable it while you have the mouse plugged in
  6. Sorry bro but u can't help me u hasn't what is the problem
    make it google-{battlefield screen and mouse problem} then u will understand it
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