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COD MW2 Multi-player Help

I downloaded COD MW2 a few months back and have yet been able to join in a multi-player match. When ever I go to join a game it says 'waiting for 7 other players to join'. That message stays on the screen indefinitely.

Isn't there a server browser or anything in the game you can use to proactively search for games which are nearly full?

I know it is an old game but I am sure there are still plenty of people playing.

If would be great if I could figure out how to get into a match.
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  1. maybe if you buy it you can join... its only 7 quid if you look about...
    toms does not support or condone piracy... regulars should know better.
  2. First of all I did buy it and did so on STEAM during their COD weekend.

    I finally got it to work. Apparently the game type I was playing no one else was. When I went to a 4 player 'free for all' I was able to get into a game after 5 minutes.

    I wish MW2 had a server browser like Black Ops. I don't like Infinity Ward's Match Making system.

    Any how my problem is solved.
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    wasnt talkin to you but the guy whos replay was deleted...
    also in the first menu screen go to options and enable server browser if there is 1 since activision dropped server support...
  4. Oh. Sorry. I was taking somewhat offense to your statement thinking it as directed towards me suggesting I had not purchased the game. I did not realize that deleted post was from a 'regular' also.

    I just looked at the options. I am not seeing anything there other than audio, video, and control settings. Thank you for the suggestion though.

    I heard a lot of fuss about MW2 when it first came out because multi-player setup. From what I understand MW3 has a server browser. However I have not tried that game yet as I have been thoroughly pleased with Black Ops.
  5. i had a word with my bro inlaw who has the game and he says there is no server browser because the game is player hosted. he says you will have a lot of problems finding a game if you dont have people in your friends list. he also says you will have most luck but selecting any game type and using quick join...
    to be honest you may get more chance of a game with mw3 which you can pick up for 10 quid if you dont mind using a vpn to activate it. 1s activate its like any other game. and will work just as well as any other version of mw3
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