overclocking a P-II-300 (Klamath)...HELP!

i hear that you cannot change the fsb, as well as the voltage just by covering the pins. does anyone know how to overclock this P2-300(Klamath) up to at least 400Mhz?
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  1. Ummm... need a little more information. What kind of Mobo are you using? Is your Klamath a 66 or 100 MHz. FSB processor? If it's 100, You would need to up the FSB to 133 MHz. to get it to 400 MHz. Chances are though, you're probably running something like a BX chipset motherboard so that may be tough to get it that far...

  2. i'm using a somewhat old FIC KL-6011 mobo that leaves the cpu runnning at 66Mhz FSB(well, i'm not sure what's my FSB on this cpu, but the bios setting was set at 66/33 cpu/pci, so yea i'm assuming that's it)and actually using Intel 82440LX chipset(is that a good thing...?). yea, the hardware's pretty old, and i just burned out my athlon 1.2GHz on my other mobo :\ so this would be my last resort...

    mobo specs here

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  3. Geez, I though I was the only one who was using technology this old! :)

    Thank god AMD dropped their prices, now I can afford to upgrade.

    I've got almost the same CPU as you. I'm running a P2 - 266 that is overclocked to 338. How far you can overclock yours depends on your cpu and motherboard.

    First, the chip. Intel made the P2 300 with 2 different cores. The first ran at 2.8V (Klammath) and they also made some at the end of it's life that ran at 2.0V (Dechutes).
    Check your bios or a motherboard monitoring utility and find out which one you got. (Prey you have the latter)

    Now check out this link:


    and get your soldering gun warmed up if your motherboard doesn't support voltage settings.

    If you've got a 2.0V P2, increase the voltage to 2.2V or 2.4V if you've got a really good HS/Fan combo. (Cover the appropriate pins)

    If you've got a 2.8V P2, increase to 3.0V or 3.1V/3.2V if you've got a really good HS/Fan and don't mind running with your case open. :) (Solder the appropriate pins together)

    Next comes the mobo. The mobo you are using is LX chipset, so the max FSB you can use is 83. First check the chip multiplier tho! My P2 266 runs at the 300 multiplier with no probs (4.5 instead of 4.0) If you can only use a 4.5 mult, these are your options:


    If you can use a 5.0 mult, these are your options:


    That's it. Can't get anything more out of this cpu without a mobo that will do a 100fsb at the least.

    My advice is to run out and buy a new athlot 1.2 to 1.4 as soon as you can cause AMD likely has something big and new in the wings with the mega price drops they just did. Chances are they're getting rid of a huge surplus of old stock cause computer sales are so slow right now.

    Oh, and buy ram!!! With the 845 chipset coming out now, pc133 is back in major fashion and the price is gonna spike next month. Mark my words!

  4. :\ it's time to whoop out that old soldering tool again...i used it for rc cars : )

    so for 3.0v i should connect pins A118 and A120 together with a wire, using the soldering tool... i hope this works...
  5. Remember that when soldering electrical components you should never apply heat for more than 2~3 seconds.

    What is the difference between <font color=red>pink</font color=red>and <font color=purple>purple</font color=purple>? The <b>GRIP</b>!
  6. Quote:
    Geez, I though I was the only one who was using technology this old! :)

    I've been using a PII 300 Klamath for the last four years.

    Lovely machine.

    My PIII GHz is sitting in the next room waiting for the broadband to start.

    In my limited experience, you can go for 75MHz or 83.3MHz (might depend on mobo)

    75MHz * 4.5 = 333MHz
    83.3MHz * 4.5 = A system which tends not to work very well.

    Remember the multiplyer is locked!

    I would either see about an <A HREF="http://www.evertech.com/" target="_new">Evertech</A> upgrade, or just go for a new mobo & CPU solution.

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