Realtek AC97 audio not outputting on windows 7

i have a dell dimension 4700 running windows 7 34 bit and i have integrated sound i think it called multimedia audio. and i downloaded realtek ac'97 but those dont work because i dont hear any sound nothing is muted or anything of the sort help plzz :(
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  1. Download the Realtek drivers from Dell's web site. Avoid "upgrading" them.

    Are you sure the Dell is wired for AC'97?
  2. well thats the problem idk if it is wired but they said they would run for windows 7 dell so i thought it would work
  3. Are you sure you have a Realtek audio chip? When I search for drivers for a DImension 4700 I find two things:

    1) No mention of Windows 7 support,

    2) The audio driver provided is for Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio:

    What does Win7 say (Device Manager, Sound video and game controllers) ?
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