Swiftech MC 370-OA Am i doing something wrong?

Ok so i'm not really new to computers but no expert either!
When building my new system i wanted the best i could afford and bought the Swiftech MC370-OA.Tom's said (at the time) this one was "THE BEST".I'm running an AMD 1200MHz on an ASUS A7v133 MoBo,G-force2 Ultra. My problem is this:When i first put together this system all i had was a "AMD" approved heatsink (you know the ones that were rectangle shaped with 1 fan on top)Hokey i know but it ran at 113F / 48c at idle. when i got the new Swiftech i made sure to get the Artic SiverII and put this bad mama jama on the right way !! To my surprise it is running at 143F / 57C with my room temp at around 75F !!! So i thought maybe it wasn't making good contact with the cpu.After reinstalling it i had the same (BIOS) ASUS Probe readings!???? I have a ANTEC Full mid tower that i've modified to fit 2 80mm fans on the front bezel at the bottom.I have an Enermax 350Watt power supply that has 2 fans (1 on the bottom right over the cpu cooler pulling air up into the second fan thats pulling that air out the back)And finally 1 80mm fan on the back of the case thats also in close proximity to the cpu.My machine doesn't have anything other than a 7200 rpm drive,CDRom,CDRW in it. Anybody know why the El' Cheapo heatsink would outperform "THE BEST"? Any real comments would be appreciated
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  1. Your new fan may not be seated on your processor properly. You might try reseating it and making sure there is a good connection. Plus you only want to use about a rice grain size of artic silver on the slug.

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  2. So since posting my heat dilema earlier today i tried reinstalling the hsf again with the specified amount of thermal compound(Artic SilverII).One thing i did notice though when putting it back on the cpu the spring loaded clips feel a little weak like they might not be strong enough to make a good connection/bond between the cpu/hs.And yes i did adjust them to the maximum tension but they still feel a little weak. Anybody out there have any info on this particular heatsink?
    Its the Swiftech MC370-OA

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  3. Hey I have basically the same setup you have - Athlon 1.2 oc'd to 1450. On a A7V133. I had a Volcano II HSF on it prior and ran CPU temps of 48C Sandra and 58C ASUS Probe.

    Last week my Swiftech MCX370-OA arrived and I was excited to get that installed. Well, I was disappointed when the supposedly #2 rated HSF only lowered my temp by another 1C! So much for the highly vaunted Swiftech!

    Yes,the HSF clip thing is kinda tricky because if you back off the screws too much you lose pressure on the cpu core. So I paid close attention to make sure that I stopped as soon as the screw head lifted off the clip. But I believe the clip/spring pressure is adequate IMO.

    I am really perplexed on how all these air cooled guys can claim to have such low temps - what else can be done? I have extra case fans which make a difference, but Im at a point where adding another fan actually raises the temps slightly -so this is not a solution.

    According to Toms Hardware Guide HSF comparo, I should be running temps about 40C with this HSF... any ideas what's wrong?

    I was on AMD's site and I'm well within spec temps but if I'm going to put up with this jet whine sound - I would like to at least have someting to show for it!

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  4. You may not have enough spring in the clip as you say, and some clips can actually lift one side of the HS a fraction of bees dick off the core as I found out.
    I think temp readings can also be out depending on how good the sensor is when manufactured and the bios. I reinstalled my big muther of a HSF on my 1.4g tbird today and it now reads 4 degC higher than before 38degC, maybe I gave the spring clip to much of a hard time.
    I could not stand the unknown any longer and installed the DIgidoc 5 monitoring unit. Has 2 x flat sensors for slidin' under HsF's, 6 x tiny bulb sensors which are good inbetween HS fins and anywhere else ya want to stick them, and have a tolerance of +/-0.1 degC. Each sensor can turn fans on and off as the set temperature is reached on each corresponding sensor which is a nice change from evrey single fan humming away like a helicopter above the house. It completely monitors every fan in the case except the psu in most instances, and the best part is being able to see temps in-between bios and windows starting.

    I can actually hear the lawnmower next door now!

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  5. Thanks - can you point me to where I can find that Digidoc kit you are talking about?

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  6. Dunno where you are in locaton but here is the site ok.....<A HREF="http://www.macpower.com.tw" target="_new">http://www.macpower.com.tw</A> as for purchase site i dont know unless you are in Australia! But can check for you......

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  7. Thanks much for the info .. I'm in the States (Florida)- So a site in Australia is a tad far away! But looking at the site you provided I see there are a few USA dealers - Great! Thanks again!

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  8. You can find one at <A HREF="http://www.3dcool.com" target="_new">http://www.3dcool.com</A> they are bout $70 us dollars I think.

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  9. I bought one of those high dollar
    puppies also and a damn $4.00
    Volcano II cools it better.
    Also the turbin wine was very disturbing!!!!!!
    So I don't know how they got such rave reviews!

    Rock out with your AMD out
  10. I have seen this exact problem reported and solved on other forums, tek-tips.com. It appears that on this Asus board the probe is positioned such that larger more efficient heatsinks actually restrict the air flow around the probe to give a false CPU temperature reading.
    This apparently is well documented problem with this board? just thought I would let you know before you ditch your new swiftech. Martin
  11. question - did you install the springs and the heatsink the right way around? You noticed one spring is shorter than the other - right? Just checking. The shorter spring should be over the end of the heatsink with the cutaway section in the base, which should be over the shoulder on the cpu socket (the lever hinge end). Any other configuration will result in the heatsink trying to tilt away from the cpu and increasing temps.

    I used the 370 0A on a 1.33 and stock it would hold around 40-42 degrees C 100% load on an A7V133 (measured by motherboard monitor 5) in a room about 72F/22C.

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