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Hi all,

This isn't actually a problem I'm having - it's a friend of mine's. He purchased BF3 via Origin, and basically, he can get the game to download - but after a while it will just stop downloading (0Kb/s). He then has to start the download over. The last time this happened, it stopped at 32%.

I've told him to disable any antivirus, etc and currently his download is going good so far (it's at 35% right now). But according to the BF3 forums this has happened to a lot of people with varying download percentage points where it just stops downloading.

If it stops again, what else is there to do? The only possible solution I could think of was to disable the antivirus.

Again, he's good so far... but what do you guys think?

Any suggestions if it stops again?

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  1. Update: the game successfully installed, but now when he launches the game, his sound gets muted.

    Edit: A reinstall of windows 7 was the only thing that fixed it. Cheers.
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