Old game i can't remember

i played this game long ago.. dont remember its name :fou: . u could played the character with a third person view. we could even play two player with the second player controlled by the computer.

at many stages of the game, we had to fight an ice golem, a fire golem n giant bats, poisonous spiders, etc.

player could use handheld weapons as well as perform magical spells with the use of mana power...

the ending of the first level had a fight with a wizard...

any help is appreciated. thank u..
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  1. Sounds like Dungeon's and Dragons or a Final Fantasie game. How long ago was it?
  2. 9-10 years
  3. This really sounds like dungeons and dragons! it was a great game! played it every day

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  4. Icewind Dale 2?
  5. was it open world or dungeon crawler? might have been early installment of elder scrolls
  6. it was open world. not any of these games u have mentioned, i fear..

    also, the character was quite big. the angle was third person view.

    and i just remembered that there used to be beggars in the market who used to sing songs if we gave them money...
  7. One of the Avernum series?
  8. Hey OP if you find it will you let us know what it is.That way it will kill our curiosity. And thanks in advance.
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  10. its darkstone all right... thanks guys
  11. crytek_masterchief said:
    its darkstone all right... thanks guys

    Hey thanks for letting us know. Have fun playing it hopefully you will be able to play.
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