Which platform is best for gaming?

hi friends,
as above thread which will be best for gaming pc,ps3 or xbox360. my friend said to me that ps3 is the best platform for ps3 becoz games only made foe console.so please tell me the truth
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  2. PC is best and I doubt you will have anyone say otherwise on this forum.
  3. Hi :)


    All the best Brett :)
  4. Gothams Finest said:
    PC is best and I doubt you will have anyone say otherwise on this forum.

    can you explain it ?
    becoz i am also pc gamer and now i am going to buy 570 in two to three days.
    but i am noticed that on graphic card as new games coming our graphic card get laggy in fps.
  5. 1st, games are not made only for consoles, the only different from PC is the exclusive thing that is going on on consoles like Xbox has its own exclusive games and the same with Wii and PS, its all about Advertising for the sake of money making, PC has its own problems with piracy and sales which that you cant compare a game how many units sold on pc from consoles.

    2nd, most people prefer gaming on consoles over on PC, cause money plays the role, which cant afford for (monthly/yearly) new PC parts just to play the game, PC gamers get their 750$~1200+$ pc and stick with it for many years.

    3rd, PC is meant to be for gaming, PC is more advanced than consoles with hardware and software and expanding more and more, and let game companies test their technologies on high end pcs.

    4th, what is your pc specs? that GTX570 is a beast and if you get the GTX670 would be better, and you just need to have the latest drivers installed and you'll be fine.
  6. my configuration
    i3 CPU 540 3.07GHz
    4gb ram
    mobo p7h55m

    i am decided to buy 570 but my friend suggest to me to buy 480 becoz it better than 570 for performence as well as price.
    what do you think?
  7. IDK... consensus seems to say PC. Hear me out. For power/flexibility, you can't beat a PC. However, what if the gamer doesn't want to be or isn't PC savvy? PC's are a pain when they have problems, especially when the gamer isn't savvy. IMHO, there is something to be said for the ease of a console. Buy the game, put the disc in the slot, turn it on and play.
    Here is my advice. Make a list of the games you want to play, THEN make the hardware decision. Both the 360 and PS3 are decent pieces of hardware. Consoles have come a long way since the NES.
  8. the GTX570 is more power efficient much quieter and cooler and more CUDA cores than the GTX480, but the 480 is cheaper, its up to you.

    your rig is good, your 4gb of rams might get rid of the bottleneck of the new card (correct me if am wrong guys)
  9. devil_77 said:
    my friend said to me that ps3 is the best platform for ps3

    well if you're asking what you worded there, then I don't think your friend was wrong
  10. Hello dude, i more probably will gonna prefer PS4 or PS3 and it's just because games like Watch Dogs, Call of Duty:Ghosts, Crysis 3 i mean most high graphics demanding games can be run easily run on PS4 and PS3. BUT at the same time PC can run those high graphically deamnding games more easily and smoothly but then you will gonna need a VERY GOOD HIGH END PC which can cost you twice or three times more than a PS4. Just more likely Watch Dogs can only be run on Intel i7 and only graphic cards like Geforce GTX 780Ti and AMD Radeon r9 290x can run it smoothly. But on the other hand PS4 won't gonna cost you that much like Intel i7 processor and those high end graphic card.
    I have got intel i5 3340 3.1GHZ , 4GB ram, AMD radeon HD 7770 1GB gddr5 and i can't even think to run any game like Watch Dogs on my PC. But i can run most games but not that one.
    Good Luck Dude!
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