Ok, so I had a chat with a friend about the precision and feel of game play when on a pc vs a console, I thought, and still do, that a PC offers a much faster reaction, increased precision and the speed of the game is increased. For example, when I play battlefield 3 on my PC, it just feels faster, more tactical and realistic. However, when I play it on my brothers Xbox, It feels slower and like people aren't trying to play the game, and is more casual. So after speaking with my (EXTREMELY) stubborn friend, I thought i'd post it up here and have a discussion (although it will probably deteriorate into an argument :sarcastic: )

(some details may be off in our conversation)

yeah laoding possibly
but reactions gameplay and feel is down to player
not the console/PC
The players on consol 9/10 are better because of the prefrence
Im not denying that PC is a better console overall but if your trying to tell me the players are better then you dotn know your gaming bro.

tom, stop being so suborn, a few years ago, MICROSOFT, the company that makes the most successful console on the planet, launched a project to bridge PC and console players through multi player gaming with games such as gears of war and call of duty. But it was scrapped, and do you know why, because it was sucessful it was working, they had done it, and released it for private external and internal use, a kind of "beta" testing. the reason why it was scrapped was because the console players were DESTROYED completely by the PC players, so much in fact that it would be embarrassing to the XBOX team and community in general. That is why it was scrapped

Im not beign stubbourn mate im jsut saying dont try and tell me that pc players are better then xbox/ps3's because i know there not.



tell me what i said then

Im not repeating your paragraph toi try and prove to you my udnerstanding. tbqh Jack when you play both in detail and enjoy both you can tell me which is prefrebly better. Now stop hasiling me on matters you don't 100% comprehend...

"Microsoft scrapped plans to allow PC and Xbox 360 gamers to play shooters like Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of War online together because during tests "console players got destroyed every time"."
You sir, have no cluse as to what you are talking about.

I want proof.
Because i sir do not believe you.
Not website
visual proof
And you put a pc gamer on an xbox he woruld get *** BATTERED
put em both on ps3 the xbox player would MOST LIKELY not everytime

That's like saying put them both on Xbox, and the Xbox norm will win, the same goes with pc. PUT a good PC player on PC vs a good Console player on CONSOLE and the pc player will win
If only because of the precision offered by the keyboard and mouse against a contoller
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  1. Yeah PC gaming and console is much different and that's because of the Mouse/keyboards VS the controller you have better precision with a mouse i have tested this and prefer a mouse ( i hate using a keyboard Tho i always press the wrong keys)
  2. If first person shooters are the only games you play, it seems obvious that they play better with kb/mouse, because that's what they were originally programmed to be controlled by.
    Consoles were developed to bring gaming to the masses, their controllers are designed to play a wide range of game types, but need to be as inexpensive as possible.
    Different types of games play better with different controllers. FPS games play best with mouse/kb. SMUPS play better with an arcade stick and buttons. Densha de Go games play best with a controller that approximates train throttle/brakes.
    There is no console/PC war. Choose the best hardware for the game you want to play.
  3. Strategy games, especially fleet based can't really be played with a controller, that's one huge advantage of pc gaming, including better graphics and upgradeability with a pc versus a console.
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