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I bought Monkey Island: Special Edition from Telltale and downloaded it to install on my PC. After installing, I tried to run it and a Securom check popped up. I uninstalled the game and accepted that I just wasted my money. But then I go and look and Securom is everywhere. I used the Securom removal tool from their website and most of it is gone, but when I searched the registry I found a key mentioning it.

It is under Software>DSS>Product Activation>

My question is, can I delete the License Information data? Is the Product Activation folder only for Securom or is it for other applications as well? Basically it is a folder with a string of numbers with a License information folder and user data folder within it, as well as a Readme that says it is Securom. Which portions are safe to delete?
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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think I mostly fixed it.

    I went ahead and deleted the DSS folder and so far everything seems to be okay. I also had to run a regdelnull which then revealed two more Securom folders in my registry and deleted those too. There isn't anything running in my task manager that shouldn't be there anymore. And the Securom folder stopped appearing in my User/<name>\AppData hidden folder. What a hassle.

    I heard there may be other root files left in my registry but hopefully leaving them there won't be a big deal. As they don't say securom and I'm a little nervous to start deleting the wrong ones.
  2. I have a really basic mouse, I think it's a Dynex. Although I am looking to buy a better one. Does the Thermaltake cause problems like this?

    I found out the Securom came from the Monkey Island: Special Edition game. So I just won't be playing it on my PC. I already have it for iphone and xbox. And I own the original non special edition version. I can live without it. Just wish I had been forewarned it was in this version.
  3. Really? Hahahaha!
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