Windows 7 64Bit and the Antivirus, confusing problem!

I have been working to fix this problem for more than 9 months now, I have an original windows 7 Ultimate 64bit both on my home and work pcs, tried another 64bit copy, everything seems fine after a clean install, I have kaspersky antivirus 2010, tried 2011, also Kaspersky internet security 2011, and lately tried norton internet security 2011, everytime i install any of them on any of my win7 64 (work and home) i face a weird problem which freezes my desktop upon boot after all processes done loading, i can only move my mouse and highlight desktop icons but without being able to select any of them, just my windows become in a not responding state (without the not responding massage from windows), even task manager won't work, if i go to safe mode and disable my antivirus everything works fine, the thing that made me go crazy is that sometimes everything works fine for like 3 months with antivirus, and the problem come back with strong raids of the same problem, so i have to go to safe mode again and disable the antivirus. tried to reinstall the windows lots of times but it didnt help, could it be a program that conflicts with my antivirus? BTW with 32Bit win 7 i dont have problems.

P.S: Both PCs have completely different hardware, one core i7 and the other core 2 quad, i tried without overclocking and the same problem persists.

Thanks and sorry for the long post :)
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  1. Is it 64bit antivirus you're installing?
  2. don't use kapersky? running 64bit on two machines, one on avast and one on microsoft security essentials, and have no problems.
  3. I have the same issues highlighted by megahmad with my Dell inspiron 1545 and Norton internet Security 2011.
    Appreciate any steps to resolving this.
  4. What are your specs?
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