What Should My CPU/System Temps be?

I recently built a P4 1.5 ghz system. It has a ECS p4ITA mother board, with the 850 chipset. I have 256mgb of memory. I have a I/O magic with the same chipset on a Gforce2 gts video card w/ 32mg(agp). Its got a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 mp3, and a 56k modem, both pci. Also in the system is the standard FDD, HP Cdrw, some generic 50speed cd rom, and a 45gb hdd. This is all stuffed, well not really stuffed, into a full sized tower. In between each of the installed cards is at least one empty slot. There is an empty slot between the hdd, and the fdd. and there is 3 in between the cdrw and the cd rom.

My question is this, what would be a safe temp for the CPU/system? The system is used for Games that are graphic intensive, internet, and music editing/listening, and maybe in the future watching DVD's. It is not overclocked nor do I plan on over clocking it. I notice that the motherboard supports up to 4 more fans. Do I need them? The heatsink and fan i have on it now is OEM. I have done a bit of research to find out what a good temp is but i have come out more confused. So again.. what is a good operating temp for the cpu/system. I go by what the bios tells me. Is there any other way i can get these temps?

Also if anyone has a system similar to mine can and have suggestions on a better heatsink and fan, and/or a description of your cooling system it would be greatly appreciated.
Let me thank you all in advance ;) and say sorry for the long post

Oh yeah, Im using WIN2K PE<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by SporkEnthusiast on 09/02/01 09:30 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. yo..
    I have a similiar system..mines a P4 1.4GHZ...
    i put a Swiftech MC462 for my HSF.it has the sanyo dinki fan on it...i heard i could get it cooler with the Delta but to tell ya the truth..im cooling enough as it is..i dontw ant the noise..the sanyo is extremly quiet...
    as for my fans..I have 2 120 MM high panaflo fans for my exhaust..witht aht new hydro bearing technology..and I have 3 92MM panaflos side fans..and 1 92MM panaflo on top of the case blowing air down.
    i also a 120MM panaflo mounted toward the front of my case blowing air in..over my HD and out the back.
    my system temp runs around 27 degrees celcius...
    you gotta keep in mind that P4s dont run as hot as some of the other high speed chips...
    they actually run at very cool temps anyway...
    honestly i wouldnt recoomend all the case fans either..they really dont cool my system down all that much..im getting very good air circulation in mine though..have all round IDE cables, and everything is tubed up comming out of my 650 watt Enermex power supply.
    1 120MM or 92 MM would be perfect for the exhaust in the P4..for the front you dont really need all that much to blow air in..just run a littlebit of duck work and you should be fine..
    but if its extremly cool temps you want..go with the swiftech MC462..its awesome..i heard somewheres that it was actually designed with the P4 in mind...after the install i actually beleive it..anyways if you got anymore questions just get back with me..i also have pics of my system if you wanna see what it loosk like to give you an idea of places to put fans, what the swiftech setup looks like mounted on a P4 etc.
    take care...

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  2. You sure thats a 650 watt enermax?

    Case fans can drop your system temps down big time if they are placed properly.

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  3. Generally CPU's of any type need to be below 50C to have a life expectancy of probably more than 3 years. That dont mean a lot, but its a good idea of where we should be aiming at. Case fans are good if put in the right place, so is Artic Silver II between the Heat sink Fan and the core.

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  4. yes im sure its 650 watts..
    thats where i bought it from..
    as for the case fans..lemme rephrase what I said..
    "To tell ya the truth all those fans really dont help cool that much"
    anotherwords i meant i had to many fans...
    you can get very sufficent airflow with just a few fans..i kinda overkilled it..
    i put enough in there that im not noticing any decreases in my temp b/c i have so many..
    but then again someone could argue about it..
    i dont have a really sufficient way of testing my cpu temp with the fans on and off...
    i was thinkin abot gettin that digital doc...
    Heard its a good investment..hmm ill think about it..
    anyways just thought id clarify


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  5. Guys, thanks for the replies.

    Wow @ 650 watts.. i dont have that sort of wattage yet, in fact i have that much. I should be able to run the fans I need tho. Right now I have 1 exhaust fan out back, and one in the front. My case is huge, so the fan up front is pretty useless... Im going to build ducting for it so it isnt as useless. I've also been looking at a heat sink and fan upgrade. You say the sanyo is pretty good.. heard anything about the indigo orb? Whenever i do that ill prolly throw in a side fan, and add one of them turbine slot exhasut fans. All of that along with the fact that everything in my case is spaced should bring the temp down to where i want it. FourStar, and please do send pics, Im interested in seeing how people are cooling, Ill probably reply with some pics of my case, and you can suggest on fan placement. please mail the pics to mattison@intertek.net

    Thanks guys
  6. Intel thermal specs for P4:

    <A HREF="http://support.intel.com/support/processors/sspec/p4p.htm " target="_new">http://support.intel.com/support/processors/sspec/p4p.htm </A>

    AMD thermal specs for Athlon:

    <A HREF="http:// http://ask.amd.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE/,/?St=29,E=0000000000016934564,K=7904,Sxi=3,Case=obj(109)
    " target="_new">http:// http://ask.amd.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE/,/?St=29,E=0000000000016934564,K=7904,Sxi=3,Case=obj(109)

    BTW according to AMD... Athlon cpu's can handle 90-95C (socket A) - so what's the big deal of having 60C cpu temps alot of folk are fussing about? Yes of course the cooler the better for performance and durability, but 60C is over 33% less than max temp! - that aint bad imo.

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  7. <A HREF="http://ask.amd.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE/,/?St=39,E=0000000000016935682,K=2996,Sxi=3,Case=obj(109)" target="_new">http://ask.amd.com/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBCGI.EXE/,/?St=39,E=0000000000016935682,K=2996,Sxi=3,Case=obj(109)</A>

    hope this one works this time!

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  8. Yes the digidoc5 is a good investment, I can see which fan is having what effect at anytime, only one option it should have is fan speed control. I have one flat probe placed next the the CPU core, it reads roughly 3-5 deg C higher than the core probe. You can also look around for MBM5 (mother board manager 5)this is a software monitor and is reasonably good once you figure out which probe to use, I can't remember where to download it from either.
    Good luck!

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  9. I have never had an Athlon higher than 55 C, some have said when they get to 70 C things become unstable with BSOD. My 1.4g Tbird is at 1600mhz with a cpu temp 41 C /room 22 c/system 22 C under normal operation. Loaded it is just below 50 C. I have a Dragorb 3 (noisy) fitted and 4 case fans, 1 x slot cooler for the graphics card. Digdoc 5 monitors all except the Dragorb fan.

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  10. Triple A: thanks that was very helpful, and it answered my question!

    Is digi doc a program that can monitor the temps with out having to place probes? I dont trust my hands working around such delicate things, so if at all possible i would like to avoid modding my MOBO
  11. I don't have a DigiDoc, but probably will get one though. But from what I understand you don't have to modify the mobo to use it. The Digidoc sensors are just pigtails you run to various parts of the PC that you want to monitor.

    I'm glad the info helped !

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  12. hmmm.... I don't understand how that could be, unless an overclocked cpu is more sesitive to temperature?

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