My pc is always crashing when I play games

Hi I recently set up my pc and it keeps crashing in games
My specs are: i3 2120, Sapphire HD 6850, Asus Mainboard (H61), Kingston 1333 ram
Can someone PLZ HELP ME :D
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  1. How long are you playing or have your rig on before the crash? Are you checking your temps? What power supply (PSU) are you using, watts and brand? How GB's of RAM do you have? All you said was Kingston 1333ram.

    This crashing does it happen in every game you play? If you could please get back to us with the info requested and we will see this goes. Good luck.
  2. Do a fresh install of your OS or check CPU temps if it is right. i3 at full load with stock cooler is about 60-70c.
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