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TF2 Problem

so ,i have been having a problem with TF2 lately.ive been playing for a year now and there was no such problems with it and it was running well until a week ago when i tried to play the game the menus and displays were perfect.
but when the game started the class that i chose started to have this funny graphics or display and then i noticed the surrounding maps started having this glitchy effect.the other classes had the glitch too.there were triangle holes everywhere and character's backpacks and body's were out of proportion like literally and the game started being laggy...i thought it was a serever problem but nobody on the game seemed to have the problem...

i tried searching google for help ,nobody seemed to have such problems and there was no link that was helpful.i reported steam for a bug twice and there was no reply or maybe theyd just fix it on the next patch...but the glitch or bug or whatever it is , hasnt gone.
i uninstalled tf2 and re-installed ,did same with steam but in vain..

it could be the computers fault or the files could be corrupted but like i said before i uninstalled and re-installed but stille no effect ...

here are the images :

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    Do you have problems with other games? Try updating your video driver.
  2. Hawkeye22 said:
    Do you have problems with other games? Try updating your video driver.

    ohh thanks ...
    that shouldve been the first thing on my mind but stupid me i didnt even check the other games ...
    and yes they did have the same problem,i am now updating my driver..
    thanks man.
  3. updated but the effect is still there...the update didnt change a thing.....
  4. What video card are you using? How long have you had it? What are temps like while gaming?
  5. i think your graph card is broken. I had it too, i changed my graph card and it was away.
  6. Check the GPU temperatures and make sure it's within specs. It's possible that you have video ram corruption, which is not repairable. It may be time for a new card.
  7. looks very much like our GPU is overheating or got damaged due to overheating
  8. my graphic card is ATI/AMD Radeon HD series 4200....i didnt change the graphic card since the computer was was preinstalled in the CPU....and the computer was bought on november of 2010........i didnt check the graphic card yet,...
    is there a way to say if the graphic is broken??.and BTW the problem is only with steam games.......
    and thanks for the help guys....
  9. and if it helps my PC is HP Pavillion Magnesium Gray edition p6654y with AMD Athlon II 630 quadcore Processor and ATI Radeon HD 4200 integrated graphics with an acer monitor.....
  10. You can try running 3dMark or run some very graphic intensive game (non-steam) to test with.
  11. Try to perform a system recovery back to a date when all your games played fine. If that doesn't work, go download Ccleaner and scan your registry for errors and fix them.
  12. hey guys NVM
    i seem to have fixed it....
    it was like Hawkeye said ,i had to update my driver,and i updated the whole AMD yesterday which didnt work...but..

    since you guys brought up the subject of my driver's posibility of being broken....
    i updated my driver seperately nad right now it works....
    thanks guys

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