Will this laptop play diablo 3?

Will this laptop play diablo 3?

2.4GHz intel core 2 duo (upgraded from 1.8GHZ centrino processor)
4GIGS ddr2 ram (upgraded from 3)
512MB NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800m GT graphics,
80Gig HDD space (2x 40 gig hdd's i put in, got the laptop with out any hard drives)
17" display 1440x900
HDMI out
DVD/CD Writer with lightscribe
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  1. Hi :)

    Not very well, if at all....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. To tell you the turth you will be luckey to even get it to load up. Look below and you will see for your self if it can or not play. Good luck to you.

    Diablo 3 Minimum System Specifications:

    OS: Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 (Latest Service Packs) with DirectX® 9.0c
    Processor: Intel Pentium® D 2.8 GHz or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 4400+
    Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 GT or ATI Radeon™ X1950 Pro or better
  3. You are just below min spec. Min spec doesn't mean the absolute weakest machine that will run the game, it just means the absolute weakest machine that gives "passable" performance, with settings turned all the way down.

    You MIGHT be able to play it. It probably won't be much fun.
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