What is the best app gaming for you?

Indeed, app gaming is one of the best ways to kill some time whenever you are stuck in a traffic jam or bored with what you are doing. I bet that everyone like me – who is fond of playing app games, is waiting for the next big thing.

I know that there are myriad of gaming apps today. But, I just want to know which of the latest app is best suited for anyone? I mean one which could be played by all ages? With all the gaming apps available in the market, it is difficult to choose which one to play. Of course, most all of them are enjoyable, but it’s also within my knowledge that each of them has their own downside. So please, could you guys help me figure out which one is the best game? No. I’m not in dire need for something to be addicted into. I just want value for my money, if ever there will be costs. But if it’s for free, then it’s better.

Thanks a lot!
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  1. I am not fond of app games. I don't like smart phones. When I feel like playing a portable game, I use a DS or PSP.
    You sound like you are marketing something. Can you tell me what it is?
  2. IMO, playing gta 3 is better than sitting and doing nothing on the bus. I don't want to carry a psp and a phone around.
  3. Hi barrystie01, if you want value for money then download NewtonApples http://goo.gl/0RIxH and BetterLetter http://goo.gl/Th1m1. Both are free today!
  4. try temple run, easily picked up, and get into a high score war with someone. you'll play it for a while
  5. Modern Combat 1,2&3 (assuming you have wifi or jailbroken), gta3, gangstar 1&2, cod zombies or black ops zombies.

    All for iOS
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