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Some days ago i posted about some problems i had with my computer, randomly crashing in various different games. Games such as League of Legends and Diablo 3 keeps crashing. The strange thing is that it's not windows which tells that the program has stopped working, rather the program itself which comes with it's own error program. (Bugsplat for League of Legends, and Diablo 3 error for Diablo 3.)

So far i have tried:
Checking temperatures, nothing is overheating, im getting crashes even at very low temps.
Checking/Uptating drivers (Checked all kinds of drivers, Graphics, Direct X even checked my sound drivers. They are all up to date, and i have tried reinstalling them various times.)
Memtest86+ for rams individually aswell as together, did various passes.
Checked BIOS (Not really sure what to check for exactly, but have tried stuff like HPET option to stabalize windows.)
Cleaned my hardware.
Disassebled and assembled my entire build.
Complete Reformat.
Cleaning of Registry.

I have read threads all over the internet, and a lot of people seem to have problems somewhat like the ones i do. Im pretty much left to options like:
Updating BIOS (No idea if this could help?)
Loading Default BIOS Options (I don't know if there is any risk there though?)
Messing around with numbers in BIOS, i have noticed that it's set for using the PCI entrance for my GPU i believe, but it is plugged in the PCI express entrance.

I really hope that someone is able to help me out here :)
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  1. How old is your hardware? A few years old? Mine is about 6 years old and is wearing out. I get crashes at random times and have tried many many things to get it working 100% again to no avail. I have resigned myself to getting a new PC.
  2. Not more than 6 months old, and i never had the problems in the beginning, seems like it just started crashing randomly one day. Due to my computer not being older than 6 months, im refusing to spend money on a new one :)

    Funny thing is though, even though Diablo and League of Legends keeps crashing(Heck, i even had the problem with World of Warcraft giving me Wow-error, back when i played wow.) I have never seen crashes in Battlefield 3 though, which i though would strain the cpu and gpu more than in the other games, thats why i think it's some software set wrong :)
  3. Really hard to troubleshoot these types of issues. Lots of people have them, too. Usually its a driver issue, and you just might have to wait until the problem driver gets updated.
    Loading the default bios options shouldn't make your PC unusable, it might slow down SATA drives if you have AHCI turned on and isn't the default in your BIOS. Have you checked to see if there is an updated BIOS available for your motherboard?
  4. I don't know if there is, and i would really like to find out how to check if there should be an BIOS update?

    I have had the problem for so long though, so i just can't see how it can still be the drivers that are faulty :/
  5. Updating your BIOS is not hard, but the procedure differs depending on your hardware. If you bought an off the shelf system, like Dell, you go the their support website and look for updates. Usually by inputting the S/N of your PC. There will be instructions and some sort of utility to flash your BIOS. If you or someone else put the PC together by purchasing parts separately, you need to find the maker/model# of your motherboard. Once you know that, you can go to the motherboard's manufacturing site, download instructions, read them until you understand them, then download the latest bios and whatever flash utility is used to update it.
    I can't tell you how important it is to understand the process and your hardware before doing it yourself. The worst things that can happen are that you flash the wrong BIOS or the flash process gets interrupted, which are fixable, but your PC won't work until the old BIOS gets reflashed.
  6. judging by your pm's your a little new to this so i would say dont update the bios just yet unless you really have to. if your hardware/cpu is supported and the mobo manufacturer doesn't list any specific issues with your current 1 then be safe and leave it be as updating bios can kill a system if it goes wrong... 95% of the time it will be fine but theres always the off chance of a power out, unstable Internet or bugged code. so unless your desperate dont bother.
    bios update should always be a thing of last resort unless it is recommended by the manufacturer to fix cpu compatibility or some other error... its not something you should do just because the bios is newer...
  7. as for diablo crashing the game is pretty poor and does crash a lot. what error does it give when it crashes?
    same for LOL...
    do you have any other games you play regularly and have issues with?
  8. I will wait with the BIOS update then, and use that as a "last resort" thanks for the heads-up guys :)

    I have played some other games like Saints Row 3 and Tribes: Ascend, and also had problems with them randomly shutting down, without any other problems. When they shut down though, i didn't get any message at all (My conclusion: They don't have an internal program for finding errors.)

    I can upload some of the crash reports from League of Legends, if people would be interested in that?
    I can also try to find some of the diablo 3 crash reports, but i just don't remember it stating any information for me to see, what could have gone wrong.

    Again, thanks for helping out, and actually answering. Not something i feel it should be necessary to say, but this board really deserves it! :)
  9. Do you have an ATI video card?
  10. Yes :)

    Ram: Kingston 4gb ddr3 1333GHz
    Mobo: ASROCK M3A770DE
  11. Is there anything about my problem that's seen before for the ATI cards?
  12. ATI cards seem to have a bit more trouble with random crashes than nvidia. It's an issue I have wrestled with since I put together my PC. Sometimes a driver update would fix it, then sometimes I would have to rollback a version or two to end BSOD's.
    I am not saying this is the cause of your issue, just something you should be aware of.
  13. rpg_poser said:
    ATI cards seem to have a bit more trouble with random crashes than nvidia. It's an issue I have wrestled with since I put together my PC. Sometimes a driver update would fix it, then sometimes I would have to rollback a version or two to end BSOD's.
    I am not saying this is the cause of your issue, just something you should be aware of.

    Yeah, i kinda thought that was the problem, seeing as the updates comes regularly, but seeing as i have atleast seen 4-5 updates come and go, i kinda lost hope on that being the problem :)
  14. Minor update here, in case anyone is still following this thread :)

    A few hours ago when my littlebrother was playing Runescape on my computer the game kept going white, meaning that the entire game would just turn into a white screen, leaving a blank spot in the middle of the browser. It didn't crash chrome or anything, just the game. I believe this is related to my GPU, seeing as Java would otherwise have crashed the entire browser upon such an error. I found this interesting as i thought it was only bigger games that would crash, but apparently everything connecting to the GPU manages to crash, still with BF3 as an exception.

    Im starting to focus my troubleshooting on my memorycard, just like a BSOD earlier told me. I got a BSOD saying "VIDEO MEMORY MANAGEMENT INTERNAL". I believe that is my GPU screwing up, either in hardware or software, any ideas as to why and what the problem may exactly be then?
  15. I don't really know too much about computers, but my computer does the same thing in runescape. At random points it will just white screen on me. the java.exe process closes. It's as if the java is just randomly closing. By the way my computer is only about 6 months old with windows 7, and an i7 processor.
  16. Try running Memtest then OCCT both CPU and GPU tests while keeping an eye on your temps using CPUID HWMonitor.
  17. I have tried running both CPU aswell as GPU tests, nothing went into the "Danger zone". Temps stayed at 70 for GPU at max, and prob 60 for CPU.
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