3DMark2001 and Max Payne problems with overclocked GeForce D

My GeForce DDR can handle the heat at overclockage, quake3 and all my other games including Tribes2 run fine without a hiccup, It's just this Max Payne Engine. Even if I overclock just by like 5MHZ, it becomes much less stable. I have actually considered underclocking(gasp!) just so i can play Max Payne(everything turned on,1024*768 32bit, full everything) without having to worry about saving every 3 minuites because i know i'll crash at any moment. My card seems cool enough, I even made paper-thin copper ribbon heatsinks for each individual RAM chip, which made it a helluva lot cooler. What is it with the Max Payne engine? Is there nothing I can do? Anyone got any suggestions/ideas/theories? Driver version 1410 Detonators by the way. Is that the problem?
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  1. Its probably a bug in the software being that its a new game and all, wait for a patch is all you caN DO

    Thank you very little!
  2. I only have the demo but I've played it for about 45 minutes on my overclocked Geforce256. I have everything at max except, no anisotropy, no antialiasing and I switched to 16-bit textures (not 16-bit colors). The latter improves performance quite a bit, probably by reducing AGP transfers, without seriously impacting quality.

    I have no idea if this will resolve your problem, though.

    I'm using the new 21.81 Detonators and DirectX 8.0 on Windows 98SE.

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  3. I have a similar effect with my GTS. It can overclock with q3, but with Max Payne, I get artifacts at anything above stock speeds. It's not a big deal to me though.

    PS, I run at 1024x768x32 max everything with my GTS. It works well, but there are some complex levels that can choke even my card. You may want to turn down some of the details because when your GF256 has to render them, it'll probably slow down to unplayable framerates.

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