Can I run the GTA 4 real life mod?

My specs:
3rd gen i7 mobile quad core 2.3 GHZ
16 gb ddr3 ram 1333 mhz
nvidia geforce gtx 670m 3 gb
windows 7 home premium
750 gb 7200rpm hdd
Yes its a laptop. Itss an ASUS G75VW-RS72
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    Yes, you should be able to run it. However, it tried it on my PC when I was playing and it more or less screwed up the graphics. Meaning it looked very grainy, there were some image artifacts all over the screen giving it something like a textured fabric kinda look. I could find anyway to get the mod to work properly so I uninstalled the mod.
  2. yes you will, just be careful with the temps dont get them high
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