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Got win 8 running, but when i click the store app to launch, nothing happens other than the tile going to full screen then it drops back to the 'start screen' I have my account logged in and everything,, not understanding...
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  1. First I would suggest a simple reboot. If that doesn't help it, turn off any firewall you may have installed (if you haven't installed any third party firewall program, try turning off the built in Windows Firewall).
  2. None of that works. I get the same problem with all the other windows 8 specific apps like videos and music. Very frustrating.
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    Interesting... have a look at this:

    Note the bottom of the page as well. If you have Avast antivirus installed (seems like version 7 is affected?) temporarily disable the program and then try entering the store and running Metro apps again.

    If these suggestions don't work, try running the Refresh my PC option (type Refresh into the start screen and select the Settings option at the right. "Refresh your PC" should be the first option you see). The net effect is a repair install of Windows. Any data you have loaded on to the system should be ok, but I would make a backup of anything important before attempting this just to be safe.
  4. OK, I originally installed by upgrading from Windows 7, I did a PC refresh (the one that isn't supposed to erase files) - but it did erase all my programs and gave me a fresh windows 8,, had to do the whole setup process again, however I did keep my files on the hard drive,,

    Windows Store and everything else seems to be working now, I suppose it was some setting somewhere that was conflicting with getting the apps to open.

    Now to just have Logmein play nice with Windows 8 and I'll be set
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  6. Interesting... I was under the impression that applications were preserved as well. Seems I may have been wrong there. Thanks for letting me know.
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