Playstation 4 time!!!


AMD 4-Core Steamroller APU 3.2 GHz
AMD HD 7870 800MHz
4GB Unified RAM
320GB HDD + 16GB Flash
Dual Layered Blu-Ray Drive (50GB)
My guess on price/release date: $499/Q4 2013

Any thoughts?
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  1. Hi :)

    Lol..nobody knows....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. No way it will have a 7870 or close, more likely a low end card that can crossfire with the APU, where did you get the leaked spec from?
  3. by Q4 20133 that will be rubbish, again.
  4. simon12 said:
    No way it will have a 7870 or close, more likely a low end card that can crossfire with the APU, where did you get the leaked spec from?

    These are the interpretations from PSX sense, the european site who claimed to have the working specs for the ps4. I think that these specs make sense. and they could probably custom configure the apu to crossfire with the high end GPU, right? it is a console, and anything is possible. i do suggest that you search it up. what are your thoughts?
  5. 500 dollars retail? You can put a machine together your self with a AMD apu and 6000 series readion for between 350 and 450 bucks, plus the xbox will be coming out 150 dollars cheaper with around the same specs.
  6. The older rumour was a 76xx card (not one that for sale now) I think thats more likely. There was even a rumour of a 7970 though.
  7. no way there is a 7870 in there... maybe a 5850 lol
  8. What the hell, that is the exact same thing that i put up.
    ^It is definitely possible to have a 7870, and i beg you to reason with me. i think that epic's unreal demo could make them aim for higher specs. in any case, the 7870 would have to be custom configured just for the ps4, with lower pixel rate and higher texel rate. we might be looking at 4x/16x aa/af. price is no matter, for sony will surely be etting for a much cheaper price than us (amd partnership plus theyre getting millions of it). 800mhz=less heat/power draw. this makes so much sence. I think it would be better if they use piledriver cores for cpu instead (less$$$ and still good). i hope they dont use apu and stick with something similar to fx4300. 4gb is a given. $499? ehhh if they are really generous. these are high specs. we may be looking at another $599 release. I invite everyone to debate with me
  9. The xbox 360 had its own custom 3 core processor and graphics card which was unique. The PS3 had a single core cell processor with 8 sku's. If they made games for PS3 like uncharted they would work amazing but multi-platform games suffered. The only multi-platform game that worked better on the ps3 than the x box was oblivion. On one side, I feel they should make a system that would work better on multi-platform games. On the other side I feel they should stick with the cell processor so the ps3 exclusives look amazing. On another kinda related topic, what if the 720 ran windows 8? It couldn't really be called a console then could it?
  10. If the 720 could run Windows 8 (normal PC version) then a PC could in theory at least run Xbox games. and if it does have an x86 based CPU and a normal desktop GPU then its fairly possible. I think MS will make sure you can't though.
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