Making my Xbox work on a YAMAKASI Catleap.

Hey everyone. So here is my problem. I recently bought a YAMAKASI Catleap 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor. (

It was intended for use with my PC and Consoles alike. Problem is (I didn't realize this.) the monitor does not have a built in scaler so no amount of HDMI to DVI-D connectors will allow me to hook my xbox up to it. It's just a black screen.

My question: Is there any way around this? Like routing the cable through my graphics card, allowing it to do the scaling for me? Anything like that. Any suggestions or ideas are very welcomed. I just want it to work, I don't really mind what I have to do to get it to work.

Thanks y'all!
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  1. Are you sure it's intended for consoles? I took a look at what meager specs I could find and the only input it has is DVI. Seems to me this is a PC centric monitor.
  2. Seems like its more about the required copy protection systems in place on the Xbox than the lack of a scaler. Maybe try something like and a VGA to DVI converter? Even with this you may not get full resolution.
  3. Yeah, it only has a DVI-D input which would point towards just computers. What I was thinking at the time was I could just get an Adapter for HDMI to DVI-D and everything would work fine. It does not work out all and from what I have read it is because it lacks a Scaler.

    I was just wondering if there is any way to get it to display.
  4. Sex monitor, was going to buy one of these for myself. How is the quality of the screen when you recieved/tested?

    Sucks to hear about the overscan issues, is there no On Screen Display menu settings for the monitor?
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