Good Gaming mouse for Dota 2

I was wondering, wich mouse should be great to play games like dota 2.

Maybe Razer Naga Hex? Keeping the skills on keyboard, and use the mouse extra buttons for items. Or, something like Razer naga would be better? Then i can put other shortcuts, too.

Or there is another mouses, from other brands that is better?

I'm playing Diablo 3 too, and some times i play other games, mostly RPGs, and rarely FPS (like Bioshock).

Thanks in advance, and sorry if there is some mistakes in English.
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    it's a matter of personal preference, so there's no "right" answer to what you're asking.

    The way I play dota 2 is all my buttons are on the keyboard so my mouse can only be used for clicking thus yielding the best possible apm
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