Why does my computer restart itself while playing high end graphics ga

The specs are the following :
* Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit 6.1.7600 (x86)
* Gigabyte Motherboard GA X58A-UDR3
* CPU: Intel Core i7 980X 3.33 ghz 12 CPUS 6 cores
* GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5870
* BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v 6.00 PG
* Seagate 1.3 TB of Hard Drive
* PSU: PC Power and Cooling 750 W
* Computer Case: HAF 922 (It has 5 fans 1 in front 1 backwards 1 on top 1 on bottom and 1 on side)

i need help because after half and hour of playing any game that requires high graphics my computer shut downs itself and restarts and i dont know what to do, i already cleaned the dust inside the case and checked every cable to see if they were bad.. it has directx11 already

this is the core temp before gaming " class="img lazy">

and this is after playing for a while and right before it shuts down
" class="img lazy">
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  1. Can you post your temps? I can't view the links provided. Does sound like an overheating issue.

    The best way to check for CPU overheating problems is by downloading Prime95 (it runs your CPU at max) and coretemp (to monitor the temp).
  2. your GPU is overheating (87C maximum is too high) my guess is once it tips 90C your PC restarts.

    Check whether the fan is working on the GPU. Is your card DHE or not? is it a reference card from ATI or some other company model (sapphire, gigabyte, his)?
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    you need to get a tool to control you gpu's fan speed, MSI Afterburner will help you do that
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