How much should i sell my 360 for?

Hi guys, basicly im debating on whether to sell my 120gb elite xbox 360 or not. I'll list everything it comes with and i just basicly want you guys to tell me what it would be worth bundled (dont want to part it all out). Im just looking for a general idea, thanks :)

120gb Xbox 360 Elite
2 wireless controllers
Wireless adapter
37 Games
Call of Duty: world at war
Call of duty: modern warefare 2 (i have 2 DLC packs im pretty sure)
Call of duty: black ops
Guitar hero III
Divinity II
Soul Calibur IV (paid for item packs)
Enchanted Arms
Halo 3
Soldier of fortune: Payback
Sneak King (that burger king game)
Zoids Assault
Devil May Cry 4
Left 4 Dead
Bionicle Heroes
Clive Barker's Jericho
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
Dirt 2
Ultimate Alliance/Forza 2
Ninja Gaiden II
Fable II (paid for knothole island addon)
Tony Hawks Project 8
Gears of War 2
Unreal Tournament III
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
Battle Fantasia
Blitz II
Tom Clancy's Endwar
Lost Planet 2
50 Cent: Blood On The Sand
Far Cry Predator

Also has many more xbox live purchased addons, such as nfs: carbon cars, call of duty 4 map packs, gears of war 1 map packs, themes, just things like that :)

Let me know what you guys would personally try selling this for please :)
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    If I were you, I would break all of this down. I would sell the xbox, 2 controllers, adapter, and the call of duty games (because they are popular) and do it as a package deal. Throw that on Ebay, start the bidding around $150 for 3 days (starting on a Thursday night) and see where it ends up. Then I would sell the games in multiples of 5. Selling it as a whole package like that will decrease the value because the chances of finding someone who wants that many games (and most of them are old) is slim to none. Sell the groups of games for around $50 each....all in all I would say you have about $550-$600 minus ebay fees and paypal fees, and thats usually around 12%.
  2. Also all of your DLC doesnt matter and won't be included, it is tied to your XBL account and obviously you don't want to give that away with the xbox for personal information/billing history/etc etc.
  3. Hmm...okay, well, see the reason i'd want to sell it is because im more of a pc gamer now (other then call of duty n whatnot on the 360) and i'm lookin to try gettin a GTX 670 (selling my gtx 560ti to substitute some of the cost if i decide not to sell the full system w/ games) but in other words, other then the games like the call of duty ones n whatnot, are you agreeing that selling games at about $10/game could be another option sort of? I honestly hate selling things because soon as i do, i want them back (need for speed: carbon for example..i miss that game lol) so if i were to keep the 360 and cod games etc, n sell the other games...would $10/game seem fair?
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  5. Some of those are worth more than $10, and some are worth less.

    Sneak King, for example is almost value less, where as you could probably get like $20 for Black Ops.

    But, I guess $10 a game would be a good balance.
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