How much will it cost me to play dayz

how much will it cost me to play dayz ive seen arma for £14.99 and the other arma for £14.99 so would it really cost me £30 to play this game
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  1. kool cheers mate
  2. No worries mate...actually you might be best waiting a week or two, the steam summer sale will be on soon and arma 2 should be 50% to 75% off.
  3. thats even better il wait thanks for ur help :)
  4. I play it and I only ever bought Arma Operation arrowhead (and the PMC and Brit army DLC's). To play it with just arrowhead though I had to download the free version of ARMA II and move a few files over in to my arrowhead install. Theres clear instructions on how to do that over on the steam forums.
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