Is this xbox 360 controller fake


This controller is for pc, i want to know whether it's fake or not.

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  1. Whether or not it LOOKS real or not is irrelevant, since it's Chinese.
  2. The writings japanese not chinese
  3. what does it say in japanese?
    btw i forgot to mention it's a wired controller
  4. No idea my wife speaks Chinese not Japanese
  5. The center button looks off centered as well. I would not trust this controller
  6. ok what about this one, is it a fake also?
  7. If it says "created by Microsoft" then chances are, it is. Keep in mind that other countries other than the U.S. have Xbox 360 consoles available. Also, whoever said the guide button is "off center".... Really?
  8. Closing thread and removing 'questionable' responses. Let's keep it clean and respectful.
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