Disk Read Error issue

Ran disk check and it said there are 0 bad sectors.

So it seems anytime my computer goes into sleep mode or I restart my computer I either get a desktop I can't click with the never ending load circle or a black screen with a never ending loading circle. I hard restart the computer and get a disc read error. I hit control alt delete, says resuming windows. Black screen. Restart. Says the last time I attempted to Resume Windows there was an error. So I delete the old settings and default my BIOS and it loads normally.

I also noticed on the boot screen it says "AMD Data Change Update New Data to DMI." I don't remember seeing that before.

Any ideas? :(

Ran disk check and it said there are 0 bad sectors.
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  1. try running the system file checker too.

    sfc /scannow
  2. I ran system file checker as well. Came up fine. I've noticed it isn't just sleep mode, but any time I turn the computer off. It gives me the disk read error and I have to CAD several times before it will finally boot windows.

    Here's my specs:

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