Gaming with HDMI cable and HDTV (Audio problem)

So, I've been wanting to play League of Legends on my TV. Problem is, there is NO sound PAST the login screen. I hear the music at the login screen, the pings of my laptop, Skype, videos, and everything else except anything past the login screen of the game including landing, sound effects, and gameplay.

Yes I checked to see if anything was muted both on the landing page and in game.
-I checked to see if anything was muted in my volume mixer.
-I changed the speakers settings to Stereo.

Another note is that the game volume does not show up in my mixer! It does during the login page of course but after that, it disappears!

Thank you for reading~
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    You should probably re-install the driver for your graphics card, it usually includes an audio driver. Assuming you have a desktop (not a laptop).
  2. Nope it's a laptop, but I resolved it. Looks like I just needed to restart the game a few times which I couldn't do due to 1-2 hour long wait times every time you log in...

    But thanks!
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