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I have a question regarding the installation of steam and my games on my account. Earlier I had installed steam and left 4 dead 2 (l4d2) on my SSD (Intel 520 120gb), after installing a few games I am down to 20 gigs. I use my SSD for my OS (Windows 7 pro 64 bit) and a few games such as SC2, Diablo 3, etc. Realizing that I was running out of space I uninstalled steam and directed it to install on to my other hard drive (1 TB). Again I installed l4d2, but I left and shut down my comp when it was done. Now I come back online and it says l4d2 was not installed and I have to install/update it again.

Why is that happening?


Can I run steam from another hard drive and play games or does it have to be on the same HDD. For example the main steam program on my SSD while the files for the games such as l4d2 are on my other HDD?
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  1. Where did you install steam?

    And yes you can run steam from another hard drive.
  2. I originally had it installed on my primary HDD my SSD, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it on to my other HDD(1TB).

    I then installed left 4 dead 2 on it, i left the room while it installed/updated. I came back turned off the comp. when it was done and went to bed. I turned it on the next day and it prompted me to install l4d2 again. I looked on the HDD and I saw it on there so I am baffled at this point. I would love to have that space on the 1TB used not my SSD.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Your SSD should only use your OS and maybe a few other programs. Or just use it for games. In your Steam account does it show you L4FD2 under your games in Steam? Is the box where it show to play.

    Does it stay to continue down loadings or are you able to play? If it shows that you are fully down loaded but it won't launch try the verify integrity of game cache and see if anything was left out.

    Are you sure you had fully down loaded your game from Steam when you shut down for the night. You must have some fast internet because for me to down load Shogun 2 it took over 8 hours.

    That is why I am asking the question are you sure you had it fully down loaded before you shut it off? Let us know and good luck.
  4. My SSD has OS, diablo 3, and SC2 on it. It also has L4d2 on it but I will uninstall it and re install it on the other drive.

    Yes I had it fully downloaded, I will install it again tonight, and for me it takes about 1.0 hours to 1.5 hours to fully download/update a game. Fios <3

    and I will post again with my results
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    That is good but did you do the verify integrity of game cache first?
  6. I did not do that, didn't even think of that. I will do that after steam finishes updating l4d2 now thanks. I'll let you know what happens
  7. That is great and do let us know. I will check back later if not tonight I will tomorrow. Good luck.
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  9. Thanks DM186, your advice worked and I'm successfully playing it from my other hard drive. Now I don't have to go and buy another SSD thanks again :)
  10. garrettk4 said:
    Thanks DM186, your advice worked and I'm successfully playing it from my other hard drive. Now I don't have to go and buy another SSD thanks again :)

    That is great news I am glad for you and you are very welcome. Have fun gaming. Cheers
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