Is 54 degrees Celsius anything to get worried abou

Hey guys and gals,

I have an Asus A7V133 motherboard with a 1.4 AMD chip. The temperature monitoring software sensor has reached a maximum of 54 degrees Celsius. This, happening when using painting programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Painter Classic. My question is if the number one sensor reads 54 degrees, should I worry? I noticed that AMD's site states that the max temp for a 1 Ghz or higher chip should not exceed 95 degrees Celsius. Another question is, how much of a difference in degrees would the chip's core temperature be in comparison to what the motherboards sensors read? I could just be totally paranoid which is highly possible but it would put my mind at ease knowing the answer. I would apprecciate the help.

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  1. 54 isnt too bad, but your cpu wasnt loaded then, ignore all the bs about 95C, thats the CORE temp- not the temp you ar measuring. put the cpu under load for a while and measure the temp, my opinion is that you are on the limit, I'll bet you hit 60C under load, but if your stable, I shouldnt worry about it, whats your case temp?
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  2. Thanks Calv,

    I dont have anything to measure the case temp. The software I'm using now is MBM 5 core and according to that, currently sensor 1 is at 49 degrees, sensor 2 is at 28 and sensor 3 is at 0. FYI the case is an Antec server case with 4 fans. The power supply is a dual fan Enermax 350 watt ps. Don't know if this helps at all.
  3. Im sure tat board has another temp probe for measuring case temp, however I shouldnt imagine your case is over warm, if you have no stability probs then I wouldnt worry, what hsf do you have? I suspect that will be the cause of your cpu temp.

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  4. I usually run at 60C, it's fine.

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  5. Thanks again for all the help guys. I have a Coolermaster DP5 6131C with 3M thermal grease applied to the CPU core. The speed on the fan is 5400RPM. Sufficient enough or not?
  6. have teh same thing- yeah teh speed is fine.

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  7. 54C is about 130 degrees F .... i forgot, what degree is boiling??
    i doubt there is a heatsink and fan that will cool a chip down to about 32-40deg C without some sort of water cooling, or is there? thats about human body temp.

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  8. You could stick a 7200rpm Delta fan (or fans),copper heatsink, use a grease that has a silver compound, and go with an aluminum case. I've used a Taisol heatsink with a Delta 7200rpm fan on a 1.2 GHZ Athlon-C in a standard 300 watt Enlight case with 2 chassis fans and it never got hotter than 48C. The Delta fan made a huge difference.
  9. fwiw- I was getting real hung up (or, ahem, obsessive :smile: ) on my temps. Then I realized, I was tired of the delta fan on my cpu hsf, and the Sanyo Denki 80mm X 32mm front intake fan. It was like sitting next to a f***in' jet. Took that [-peep-] out, and replaced with a slower and quieter hsf and front intake fan. Case and cpu (definitely) temps are warmer than they could be, but the system runs fine. No lock ups, hangs, bsod's, or anything like that. And it's much quieter now.
    Do yourself a favor: Don't stress out on your temps. Even if the cpu dies early because of heat issues, by that time you'll be able to replace it for half the cost you paid for the first one.

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  10. i have had my ASV133 now for about 3 weeks. mine is only topped with a Duron 950. according to the asus probe i usually run at about 40c this is not under any load at all. i have seen as high as 44c and as low as 37c. it is a retail pack so the fan HSF and fan that came with it is what i am using. the fan runs at about 4800.the other temp that asus probe gives info on is what is calls MB temp. not sure where that sensor is at though.

    after reading alot of places where others were seeing temps in the low to mid 30's i got worried.
    since then i still keep track of it, but i am not stressing like i was before.
    MBM works with this board?
    i was under the impression it only worked with certain boards?
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