Brand New ASUS Radeon HD 6670 over heating problem?

I just bought an ASUS Radeon HD 6670 less than a week ago and it seems to me it is over heating. Idle, it is at 65 Degrees Celcius, When running games, such as MW3, on High Settings ( Extra settings is highest ) and at my monitors Native resolution ( 1600x900 ) , it climbs up to over 100degrees Celcius. And just now, my computer turned off while playing, this can't be good. What is going on ?

Here are my system specs:
OS: win7 32bit
CPU: Intel E6750 Dual Core @2.67Ghz per core.
Memory: DDR2RAM 3.25GB
Power Supply: 400W
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  1. Assuming your PC case has adequate airflow, have you check if it's fan (Videocard) is turning? If it is turning and the temp is 65C on idle then have it returned cause it's defective. It should idle between 30C - 40C, depending on ambient temp.
  2. Yeah is the fan even spinning and if so at what speed? 100c is wwayy to hot, do not run it an those tems
  3. If your case is cramp then you don't have good air flow or the heat sink on your GPU has come lose from the chip is not good. Like said above RMA it as soon as you can. Don't play around or you could be buy other part for your PC. Good luck to you.
  4. I realised my fan wasnt turning, it was being stopped from turning by another wire in the case. Thanks for your help everyone
  5. So now eveything is A-O-K? Assuming it is fix. And if it is then that is great news and you should give the best answer to the first poster because he told you to check your fan. And if you hadn't you wouldn't have seen the wire. Good luck to you. Cheers
  6. Good job that you posted here and asked - you could have been looking at a cooked GPU otherwise!! Glad you got it sorted mate.
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