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When I used fraps, frame rates would drop from 60fps to unplayable unless if I recorded to a second hard drive. With MSI Afterburner, I can play a game and record (uncompressed) video on a single hard drive without any performance hit. I haven't found any other screen recorders that can record uncompressed (or even compressed) video without a performance hit.

Can someone explain to me why this is, and recommend another lag-free screen recorder? MSI Afterburner doesn't work on my laptop (integrated graphics) :(
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  1. no such thing realy exists but
    always record to a seperate hard drive to where your operating system and game are found
    you might need more ram (using fraps i could not record unreal tournament 3 back when i had 2 gb of ram in my computer i have upgraded it to4 gb and msi afterburner (didnt install fraps again i think either i got bored and got rid of it or i had to re-install windows) and it record perfectly
    and recording things on a laptop never usualy works tbh unless its a high spec laptop
  2. Use Dxtory,I use it on my computer and i take a hit of 1-3 fps but thats it...and i can record at 30-60 fps
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