Which is better? i have the mini super orb now and im not that happy with my temps, well it gets hot here in Phil. But still, i dont want to reach 50C (full load).. i hear the GLOBALWIN CAK38 is very loud? and that the dragon orb3 isnt as good as globalwin but it cools enough. my rig's overclocked from 1.2 to 1.4, at 2.04 vcore.. tsk tsk.. HELP?

Athlon TBIRD 1.2 266 FSB overclocked at 1.410 (141X10)
Mini Super ORB Heatsink and Fan (soon to be changed
to dragon orb 3, in 2 days actually)
EPOX8k7a ( to be changed to EPOX8k7a+ raid )
128 X 2 DDR ram (Nania Chipset)
ASUS V7100
Maxtor 40 gig
Seagate 10 gig
PLEXTOR 16x10x40
Sony 50X
Generic Floppy
Surecom 10/100 Lancard (not sure if acpi or no-acpi compliant)
350 watts power supply
Logitech QuickCam Home (i forgot to mention this in
my other posts, sorry!)
A lot of fans! (with good airflow)


Its time to pause for a beer.. CHEERS!
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  1. The Dragon Orb 3 is just as loud.

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  2. taking the loudness issue out of the way, does the orb cool enough or should i just go directly for the cak38?

    Its time to pause for a beer.. CHEERS!
  3. I have the Darg'orb3 and it cools very well!
    Anyway checkout a few cooler reviews below and compare.
    <A HREF="http://www.dansdata.com/coolercomp.htm" target="_new">dansdata.com</A> or <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1532" target="_new">anandtech.com</A>

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  4. Get the Dragon Orb 3, I believe it's lighter! The weight is just as important as how well it cools. After reading Tom's article on "HSF failure", I'd look for a good yet light CPU cooler that is within AMD/Intel's standard weight limit.

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  5. All standard "clip based" HSF's are within the AMD or Intel limits. If they are over, they go by special mounting; ex. 4 Bolts through Holes when using Swifttech MC-462-A. This remedies any weight problems.
  6. if your cpu temp is 50c uder full load then thats fine isn`t it? 50c under full load is nothing to worry about.
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