Back Up CDs of Games

Wii game original cds which come in bundled with the Nintendo hardware,

which CD/DVD format should i use if i wish to create a back up copy of the original one, in case the original CD gets corrupted or scratched?

can i write burn these cds through my Windows PC ?
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  1. Quote:
    Impossible, Wii discs are encrypted and not readable by consumer PC disk drives

    ok what does one do in case the Wii CDs get scratched or get corrupted on extensive use?
  2. Quote:

    Buy new.

    is not the game CD similar to that of a licensed software,?

    should not the Manufacturer provide a backup copy(if needed) if the buyer provides valid original purchase proof?

    why should the buyer buy another license when one already has one?

    please inform?
  3. Quote:
    How the hell should i know??

    Are you not familiar with console games?

    None of them are readable on PC drives, the only disks that were, are the PS2 DVD's..

    XBOX uses a XFAT format.
    Dreamcast uses .CDI
    PS2 uses DVD
    Gamecube/Wii use .DOL or .GCM formats.

    well using the word " Hell" in your reply, you have again proven that this forum is a place where one user abuses the other !!

    a very rude and abusive forum indeed,

    since this is the third instance.
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