1.4GHz runnig too Hot

Hi, I read the article about the 54degrees C athlon! But i am having a even bigger temperature problem, My CPU sits idle at 67C and under load can get to excess of 75C, The system case temp is about 50C when this is happening and i am worried that that temperature may be affecting some components inside! I have a Amd approved heatsink and cooler to the standard 1400Mhz which mine is.

I am knew AMD's ran hot but this is a bit too hot i think so i have underclocked the processor to 1000Mhz which has reduced the load temperature to 60C, Does anyone have any ideas how i can sort this problem out, or that can recommend any cooling solutions?

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  1. Get the latest MB Bios and install...but mostly get a quality CPU HS! Bang for the buck...I recommend a Millennium Glaciator. Also...make sure your temps are being reported correctly. In the interm...remove the side cover from your case and get some air in there.

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  2. What heatsink do you have? And what is your voltage set at (in the BIOS).

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  3. Those temperatures are WAY too high, case and all. My 1.4 w/the stock HSF kept it at least 54oC
  4. I am using a standard taisol CEK733092 which should pump out 21.19 CFM which i have no idea is good or not! Current Voltage core is 1.82, another problem i think i am having is a lack of air flow into the computer, it is a packed midi tower and the psu, voodoo 3 which seems to run excedingly hot and the cpu are all in one corner!

    As for the bios i am running the latest one for my motherboard which is a Abit KG7-Lite.

    hope this helps!

    A puzzled amd user!!

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  5. your main problem is your system temps get that down & your cpu will drop as well (cooling a cpu with hot air aint good cooling)
    if you've got room in your case you will need a intake fan(80mm) in the bottom of your case & an exhaust fan (80mm) in the top this sould drop your case temps
    ps. wots your room temp aprrox????
  6. my system temperature is about 26C and i have my system temp down to 39C now i got a 80mm case fan i found in a draw fitted!
    But the CPU is still hitting 65 at 1000Mhz

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  7. you say core voltage is @ 1.82 underclocked!!!!
    default is 1.75
    if you run @ stock or under you'll proberly get away with 1.70v with no probs ( should help temps)
    have you used thermal paste on that h/sink or is it a foam cushion thingy?????
  8. I have used the paste and it has the foam pads on the H/S! the addition of the system intake fan seems to have cooled it down to 65C under load at 1400Mhz although i still think it is running hot!

    At present the current temperatures and voltages are
    Cpu temp = 65C
    system temp = 41C
    Vcore = 1.78v

    any recommendations on a cheapish heatsink and fan that'll get it cooler??? and maybe keep it cool if i overclock it at a later date?

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  9. dont know about cheap but i did run a alpha 6035 for a while on a 1400 rig @ full load max cpu temp was 46c after 2 hours thats with approx system temp of 30c room temp 26c
    but thats quite an old h/sink now so you should be able to better that (look for some reviews on h/sinks)
    www.overclockers.com has a lot of good advice
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