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I just got a newsletter from Microcenter and the main focus was Windows 7. They have all these different versions, full and upgrade. Windows 7 professional retail is $299.99 !!!! + tax = $324 !!!

So, I wanted to see what newegg has... and wow... compared to the retail, they have 3 packs of windows 7 ultimate and professional for $409 (3 pack ) which is $136 per copy !!!

I was just amazed at the pricing difference.
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  1. Newegg sells the Windows 7 Professional OEM version, valid for one computer only, no support.

    Micro Center is selling the retail, that comes with Microsoft support and possibility to transfer to another computer.
  2. Yes, but as always with OEM, you do not get everything.
    The OEM version of Windows is sold with no support. If you are comfortable with that, then yeah that is a great price. If you want the added value of support from Microsoft, and being able to move your install to another PC, and reactivate it (and I am not saying that is a good thing, bad thing, rip-off, good value, or anything like that, I am just stating facts) then you are best advised to purchase the retail version. Notice the retail version is also $299 at Newegg too.

    Now, my opinion and thoughts? Yes it's a fricking bald-faced scum sucking bastards Microsoft ripoff.
    Anyone who bought that crap fest called Vista should be able to upgrade to 7 for about $10. That would be fair and reasonable.
  3. If I were needing to get windows 7 to put on a computer, I'd definitely go w\ the OEM.

    Most support is available online anyhow... The only time I've ever had to call microsoft was to get new cd keys for oem installations where i've had to reinstall a hard drive or something.

    Jit : I agree w\ the upgrade...

    I think anybody who has vista or has bought vista should get a free upgrade. Windows 7 is clearly a polished up windows vista. And windows vista is going to become this decades windows me.
  4. Windows Vista, Windows Me, just a trial run to get it right, on your dime.
    XP was good, WIN7 is better, just keep the wallet open and the money flowing.
  5. ME wasn't a trial run... it was a transitional product. Doesn't mean it was a good one, of course... but don't make up facts please. Originally, Win 2K was supposed to do what Windows XP did: all users using the NT kernel. For some reason, that idea was abandoned and they decided to release one more Win 9x-based kernel OS. ME did add a lot of nice things... it's just too bad that it was a crappy OS.

    Same cannot be said for Vista. I know some of you love to say it, but I've been using it for well over a year and I haven't encountered anywhere near the amount of issues that some like to purport. Others like to regurgitate misinformation they've heard elsewhere and report it as fact. The fact is: Vista is not as bad as a lot of people would have you believe. Yes, it does have it's problems... but then so does every OS MS releases. People are still posting issues they have with XP... does that make XP a crappy OS too? It's all been said before; almost every release of Windows has been surrounded by negativity. Some of it justified, some of it not so much. I know that some people that love XP now hated it when it was first released. Personally, I embraced it while it was still in beta. I was extremely pleased that MS was finally dumping 9x and going exclusively with NT.

    You just might get away with one ME comparison: if you believe that Vista was also a transititional product. To me, that is the only valid comparison... as Vista is no where near as bad a product as ME. I put it on par with XP as I can count on one hand the number of issues I've had with it.
  6. Well, I skipped both Vista and ME, so I can't really say anything there...

    Yeah, OEM is nice...
    Who has ever used Microsoft support? Really?
    Forums and Google have been all the support I've ever needed.

    I think it's time for me to finally get Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OEM myself locally...
    I'm BSOD'n like hell for reasons beyond me on Win7 RTM. (When I try to use my ICH10R raid, and whenever else it feels like it.)

    My local shop actually for once has something at a decent price!
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