Help me battlefield 3

well i wanna know if my PC is good enough to play battlefield 3, i want to made an idea of how it will be, right :B this is my PC
Intel core i5 2300 2.8ghz
-6 ram
-amd asus hd 6570 1GB ddr3 directx11
-sound realtek
Windows 7 64bits
thanks to all :B
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  1. You meet minimum requirements. For future reference, if you need to upgrade your current computer, get a better graphics card.
  2. hum thanks you, i think it will work fine on medium? i try using the page of can i run it? but i dont belive on that
  3. Yes just as long as you run it in 1280x1020. You might even be able to run it in high settings with that resolution.
  4. niceeee i like how it sound, i hope to play it without mouse lag and that problems :c
  5. Also, when you said amd asus hd 6570 its amd radeon not amd asus. Asus makes nvidia cards which are a different brand than radeon.
  6. hahahaha right, well please if someone had played with some spec. similars please tell me how it is xP
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    Actually ASUS produce AMD based boards too

    meximexi I think your going to struggle a bit with that graphics card the rest of your system is more than enough but I think you will need to turn of the AA settings even if you game at lower resolutions and likely play at low with some medium settings. Try to upgrade that graphics card when you can its really letting your system down
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  9. damn, so probably im going to get laggy moves in medium settings with res 1200x900 something like?
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