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I'm using a kg7-raid mobo with maxtor 100gb and maxtor 40gb HD's. Whats the best way to get the best raid preformance without sacrificing nearly 1/2 of my hard drive capacity.
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  1. There isn't.
    Unless you keep the 100 and 40 drives on separate RAID setups. Or span them, but that's not really a RAID.

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  2. like fatburger said your either got to get another 40 gig maxtor or loose 60 gigs of your 100 maxtor (what a waste that would be)
    i use 2* 20 gig ibms in raid0 & my old 45gig drive the kids use for there games ect that way i dont waste my old hd & it keeps my data away from my meddling kids!!!!
  3. no possible...

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  4. Hmm, isn't there a way to partition the 100GB hard drive in to a 40GB Hard drive and a 60GB hard drive? And then you could RAID your 40GB hard drive with the 40GB partition?

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  5. Nope, raid runs at lowest disk.Oh or is that just for scsi.

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  6. You could do that in software, but then it becomes a whole lot of effort for not much gain.

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